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Shy lymphoma

Shy is a 12 year old cat came to see us at the hospital a couple of months ago as he had been losing weight. 

On clinical examination we could feel an abnormal area in his abdomen.  We ran some blood tests and did an ultrasound scan of his abdomen and found that the lymph nodes that drain the intestines were much bigger than normal. 

A needle biopsy was taken (see video to right) which sadly confirmed that Shy was suffering from lymphoma, which is a common type of cancer affecting the white blood cells in cats.  Fortunately this type of cancer responds very well to chemotherapy.  The idea of chemotherapy in pets is not to cure the  cancer but to improve their quality of life and buy them some time. 

We tailor the medication to the type of cancer and the temperament of the patient.  Shy is a very sweet cat who is unbelievably well behaved for his chemo and we are pleased to report that currently he is in remission.  The chemotherapy so far has not had any side effects and he has gained weight and is back to playing with his sister at home.