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Morgan's twisted stomach

Morgan is a 5 year old dog who was rushed in as an emergency on a Saturday evening.

His abdomen was bloated, he was unable to stand and he was retching.  He was admitted to the hospital immediately since such symptoms are highly suggestive of a GDV (gastric dilation and volvulus) in other words a twisted stomach, which is rapidly life threatening. 
He was given emergency treatment; oxygen and fluids into the vein whilst a radiograph proved the diagnosis.  A needle was placed into the stomach to remove some of the gas whilst theater was prepared. 
Once stable Morgan was taken to surgery to untwist his stomach, which was then stitched to the body wall to stop it happening again. 
Fortunately for him his owners had brought him in very quickly and so we were able to save his life. He has taken a couple of weeks to fully recover but he's back to his usual self now.

A GDV is more common in large deep chested breeds such as Labradors and Alsatians. It is important not to exercise dogs straight after eating as it is more likely to occur. If your pet shows any symptoms of bloat or non productive vomiting veterinary attention must be sought at once.